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Become a volunteer at COP!

Are you interested in climate and environment protection? Do you want to be a part of the international community which works for our future? Join the team of volunteers of the world forum on climate change which will take place in Katowice, a dynamic capital of a two million people metropolis.

COP24 will take place in Katowice from 3rd to 14th December 2018. 30 000 participants from almost 200 countries will arrive to decide about the most important directions of climate protection. COP24 will be attended by the representatives of governments, diplomacy, NGOs and researchers, business and other groups interested in solutions to climate changes. More information about the conference you will find on: and 

Preparation of such a huge event is a logistics challenge which requires contribution of many people from the country but also volunteers. Thanks to them, visitors of COP will move around the city easily and enjoy attractions prepared for tchem.

How to become a volunteer?

Those interested in volunteering at COP24 should fill in the application form and then take part in an interview. The date and place will be determined individually. The final decision about recruitment will be made on 15 October 2018. Volunteers who will qualify will take part in the obligatory training scheduled for November in Katowice.

If you have additional questions, read FAQ or contact us.

The organiser of volunteering is Katowice City Hall.

Become a volunteer


Volunteering is a form of unpaid work, therefore, volunteers do not receive a salary. To appreciate their commitment and time, we will prepare certificates and gadgets for everyone. Volunteers will also receive a special outfit.
For volunteers, we provide a meal each day (a sandwich and a hot meal), water and other beverages. We also provide accident at work insurance during the time of volunteering. Volunteers will also be able to use free transport communication at COP24, dedicated to all conference participants.
However, we will not refund travel costs, we also do not provide accommodation for volunteers and we are not able to refund the cost of accommodation in Katowice or Cracow. In justified cases, we can support volunteers in search of accommodation.
We are going to invite volunteers to work from the 26th of November to 20th of December. The largest amount of volunteers will be working from 3rd to 14th of December 2018. We will organise volunteer work in a two-shift system, each shift will be shorter than 8 hours.
No, all tasks for volunteers are positioned outside of the COP24 arena and conference sites.
We will invite volunteers to work in the places like train and bus stations, airports, hotels and on the information points in and around the city. They will provide information on the events taking place during COP24, provide information and advice on public communication, make sure that the participants of the conference can feel "at home" in Katowice or in Krakow.
Yes, we will invite all COP24 volunteers for training to prepare them for activities during COP24. The training will take place in Katowice, in November. We will inform you about the date and place of the training by the 15th of October 2018.
The first information about the recruitment results will be given around the 15th of October, the final list of COP24 volunteers will be created by the 31st of October 2018.
The recruitment proces for volunteering at COP24 includes 2 stages: the first one is filling and sending the application form (via internet), the second stage is an individual recruitment interview, which will take place in Semptember or in October 2018.
We require volunteers English language skills to be at a communicative level. Knowledge of other languages, especially French, Spanish, Russian or German, will be an advantage. Please note the knowledge of Polish will be beneficial but is not a requirement.
If you want to join to COP24 volunteer team, you must be an adult (18 years old before the 15th of October 2018) who speaks English on a communicative level. We are also looking for people who speak French, Spanish, Russian or German. The knowledge of Katowice or Krakow is also appreciated.
Volunteering at COP24 is an opportunity to actively participate in the creation of an international event, which 30,000 people from 200 countries will participate. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn about climate protection, improve language skills and gain valuable professional experience. During the volunteering, you can meet many interesting people and make new friends.
For all volunteers, we will also prepare certificates confirming their participation during COP24.


We have just started the recruitment process for volunteering at COP24!
To become a volunteer we invite people of legal age (you have to be 18 years old, and it is an obligatory condition) who speak fluent English. We also welcome people who have experience in volunteering, speak other languages (e.g. French, Spanish, Russian, German and others) and can work in a team.
Let's go green together
Welcome to Katowice's eco-friendly pavilion, which has been created in the vicinity of the Rawa river as a herald of the upcoming event - COP24, i.e. the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
"Eco-zone" during the Festival for Non-Governmental Organisations!
This years Festival for Non-Governmental Organisations will take place on the 7-8th of September and is an occasion where the foundations, associations and volunteers who are active within the city of Katowice can present there organisations to the public. The central theme of the festival will be ecology.


If you have any further question, please contact us.


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